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MyCircles® - Interest Based Networking & Dating

MyCircles® offers targeted social networking & different types of dating for you to choose from while allowing you to maintain you privacy.   You will be able to have up to 5 separate profiles in your account. MyCircles is 18+

What is MyCircles?

MyCircles® is designed to help you meet other people with similar interest in both social and dating communities. We believe that everyone should be able to maintain their online privacy and are building MyCircles® to help facilitate that.

MyCircles Interest Based  Networking

MyCircles is building a series of Circles that focus on specific interest to bring our members together. Some of these Circles will include:









More Interest will be added as grow!

We will be asking you to help us decide what Circles to build.

Your Privacy is respected and your personal information will NEVER be sold or shared to other parties without your permission.



DatingCircles is the dating part of MyCircles. We have separated social from dating to help you manage your profiles easily.

Some of the DatingCircles will include:

Looking for Love - Traditional Marriage, Dating

Casual - Hookup , Traveling

LGBTQ - Unique Dating by Sexual Preference



Alternative - Fetish

Local events will be held for different DatingCircles

If you have multiple dating profiles, each one will be kept separate from the others & they will all be separate from your social profiles.

Parties and Events

MyCircles has been hosting parties and events in South Florida since 2009 with a loyal following.

These parties will resume towards the end of 2019 & will be expanding to other cities.

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